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              Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

              Mammo 1012P
              10×12-inch mammographic Flat Panel Detector
              Mammo 1012P is new generation, high-performance FPD developed with innovative CMOS sensor technology. It has an active area of 10×12-inch with a 50 μm pixel pitch. A tapered enclosure profile with a super slim edge extends the field-of-view for improved chest wall coverage. The Mammo 1012P is designed for both full field digital mammography and digital tomosynthesis applications.
                • Specially designed for FFDM and DBT applications
                • Extremely low dose, while high SNR and CNR
                • Less than 0.5% first frame lag
                • Switchable gain settings for variable sensitivity
                • 10G Ethernet interface
              Technical Specifications